Priority 1

by | Mar 16, 2020 | News

Government predictions are that cases of COVID-19 will increase rapidly over the coming weeks and whilst for many this will not be serious, for the most vulnerable it could be fatal. 

BBW will play its part in delaying the spread of this virus in line with prevailing advice.  The trustees have agreed that our focus will be on maintaining the front line service we provide to our NHS and to limit other activities that we believe present a higher risk of spreading the virus.

This greatest risk of spreading the virus is assessed as being where groups of volunteers meet together or with the general public.  So, with immediate effect, BBW will suspend our talks activity and our participation in fundraising events.

It is possible, as the epidemic progresses, that demand for our services may increase or even move into new areas and this will be our priority focus.  The situation will be kept under review and further communications will be made as needed.

We still need you and our NHS still need us.  Thank you to all our supporters for your understanding and continued support.