No, but I know someone who does

by | Sep 3, 2019 | Blog

When we are at collections and PR events we are often asked ‘Do you carry organs?’  The answer is no, we do not.  Our bikes and boxes are regularly tested to ensure they keep biological material at the correct temperature to ensure it is fit for purpose when it arrives.  But keeping an organ alive to ensure it reaches the recipient in the best possible condition for transplant, well that is in a completely different league.

The NHS Blood and Transplant team are a specialist unit that does exactly this and we wish them every success.

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Not long ago we were asked to carry a tissue sample for matching from a potential transplant recipient to a specialist hospital in England.  Sadly the patient passed away before the transplant could take place.  But so impressed was she with our service that her legacy was a donation to our cause that was handed over by her husband to some of the volunteers involved.  Now that was a humbling experience.

But no, we don’t carry organs, but we do admire and support those who do, and the generous donors and their families who give the gift of life to a complete stranger.

This week is Organ Donation Week but a news report today highlights the missed opportunities for transplant because families are not aware of donor’s wishes.  If you’ve not had that conversation with your loved ones please give it careful consideration.  Follow the link for more information on Organ Donation Week.