New daily services to help our NHS

by | Apr 5, 2020 | News

This week has seen the introduction of 2 new weekday services to support our NHS in Pembrokeshire and South East Wales (Aneurin Bevan). This is in addition to our business as usual services that run throughout Wales.

Parts of Wales that have experienced higher numbers of COVID-19 cases are a week or so ahead in preparedness terms and we are in discussion with the NHS in those areas to determine how best we may help. This is likely to require an all-day, 7-day per week service in those areas with one rider covering the additional runs and the other conducting business as usual. In effect doubling our normal commitment.

Our volunteers are eager to help our NHS and with the training that riders have received, the bikes adapted for carrying blood and biological samples and the processes in place to reach anywhere in Wales in response to a phone call we are probably uniquely suited as a volunteer force to assist wherever and whenever we are needed.

Talking of our new daily service, one of our riders, RayBan Ray had just delivered to the Royal Gwent and was stopped at traffic lights just outside Newport. The SUV next to him tooted his horn.

Ray turned and looked to find a family pointing at him and clapping. We don’t do this for reward but wow what a feeling!!

Ray said ‘To all you guys out there doing the Blood Bikes Wales thing well done!’