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At Blood Bikes Wales we gear up to provide a completely free courier service for the NHS, relying solely on volunteers and donations to offer this service. This is not possible without your support

About Us

Comprised completely of volunteers, Blood Bikes Wales are an enthusiastic group of people trying to make a difference


It’s thanks to our amazing supporters that we are able to keep on providing this life saving service, become a supporter


Volunteer, ride or even join our admin team. Whatever your skill set, Blood Bikes Wales has an opportunity for you to get involved

What drives us

Julie’s Story

We’re gearing up for over 40,000 rides to help more people like Julie and many more all over Wales. Get involved or become a supporter today and help Blood Bikes Wales do more





Why we do this

Helping the NHS

The NHS transfer blood supplies, plasma, documents and other items between hospitals around the clock. This is an expensive process having drastic costs on NHS resources, that’s where Blood Bikes Wales steps…rides in

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We always like to keep you updated and this is the best place to see what we’ve been up to. Check out our latest blogs and news articles below

Blood Bike Awareness Day 2024

Blood Bike Awareness Day 2024

Friday 9th August 2024 Acknowledging National Blood Bikes day is crucial to honour the incredible work of volunteers like you who contribute selflessly to provide a vital service to the NHS. Whether you're a rider, controller, fundraiser, or volunteer in any capacity...

What did you do at the weekend?

What did you do at the weekend?

If you’re a trustee with Blood Bikes then the occasional call from a hospital is not unusual. Our phone system passes the call on to a backup volunteer if the duty controller is busy. But the call I received last Saturday was out of the ordinary and it piqued my...

A night shift

A night shift

An interesting shift for a quiet Friday night.   When our duty controller, Nigel, came on shift, our rider, Vicky K, was already in transit with a run of urgent meds to Llangrannog.   Paul K (rider) meanwhile was lined up to help a hospice with a late admission by...

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” – Charles Dickens

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Whatever your talents, whether you ride a bike or not, we hold monthly meetings and you are welcome to join us and be part of something really special. See our events calendar and come to a meeting near you

Proud To Serve Wales

Our Amazing Team

Our team at Blood Bikes Wales are comprised of complete volunteers. We are a massive team with the aim to use our skills, time and enthusiasm to help the Health Service in Wales

Nigel Ward

Chairman, Blood Bikes Wales

Tyron Stevenson

Vice Chairman, Blood Bikes Wales

Lesley Isaacs-Penny

Secretary, Blood Bikes Wales

Chris Jones

Wrexham Committee Rep, Blood Bikes Wales