Going the extra mile(s)

by | Apr 28, 2021 | News

Like many charities, our fundraising in 2020 was severely impacted by COVID-19 restrictions and this resulted in a significant decline in our bank balance.

But we have been fortunate in the past few years and that, together with prudent financial policies has allowed us to build sufficient funds to cope with this downturn.
Our maintenance costs this year have increased by more than £20k. Thanks to the generosity of donors like BP, who topped us up with more than 7,000 litres at no cost, our fuel bill has stayed about the same.

This increase in running costs reflects how hard our volunteers have been working for our NHS.

A couple of weeks ago we passed a total of 24,000 jobs since the charity started. In 2019-20 our fleet covered 270,000 miles. In 2020-21 this increased to 410,000 miles whilst completing 7,339 jobs.

We have benefitted from generous donations from individuals and organizations who deserve special thanks for helping us to get through this difficult time. Hopefully, the coming year will allow us to get back to our previous fundraising activities.

But please, don’t go anywhere. Our NHS needs us and we need you.