An Email to Blood Bikes Wales

by | May 10, 2019 | News

This is an email we had off one of the hospitals we now service, and it was in response to an extraordinary job we completed.

Dear team,

I would like to say a big thank you for your continuing help with providing a unique and crucial service to the NHS Wales Hospitals. It’s recognition like this that makes us feel proud of the service we provide.

Just last evening, we (Wrexham Pathology) had to ask for help from your team to make an urgent delivery of a baby’s sample from Wrexham Maelor Hospital to UHW, Cardiff overnight. One of our senior member of staff contacted Malcolm from Blood Bikes and he quickly organised the overnight delivery of this precious sample.

The sample needed to be sent urgently in order to help our paediatrician confirm a very rare inherited medical condition which if left untreated (even within 1-2 days), would have resulted in possible permanent brain damage to a very young baby. As the sample has now arrived in Cardiff laboratory this morning, it can be processed quickly and results sent back to Wrexham. Effectively, by early this afternoon, the diagnosis can be confirmed and treatment started. It will also reduce the delay faced by the baby’s anxious parents while waiting for the diagnosis.

I am very grateful for your help especially in this case and also your continuing help in providing this service.

Best wishes

Dr Yee Ping Teoh