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One Team, One Goal

Sunday 8th September saw members of the charity gather in Llandrindod Wells for our AGM. It was a time to reflect on the progress of our charity and the contribution we have made to our NHS over the past 12 months. The images below are taken fr om our annual report...

New Powys service gets rubber on tarmac

It’s happened!! Our first Powys call out!! Adhoc call to deliver an urgent sample to a major hospital for diagnosis. Congratulations to our newest area - it has been months of hard work by many to get Powys operational and now it is paying off!...

See, THIS is what I was talking about

Milk Rider Tony was waiting for his 1st ever job & was tasked to collect donor milk in the South & courier to Mid Wales. North Rider Keith would RV & deliver it to @ABankForLife in Chester. An urgent request to deliver milk to Cardiff came in. 6 1/2 hours...

Powys goes live

After many months of training and preparation we are delighted to announce that on 1st September our Powys area, based at Llandrindod Wells, went live with their service to our NHS. A massive thanks goes to all the new Powys members for their patience and enthusiasm...

Abergavenny Rotary club keep the wheels turning

A few months ago our chairman, Nigel Ward, was asked to do a presentation for Abergavenny Rotary so they could decide, out of all of the sponsored charities and projects, which ones they could support. I'm pleased to say this is the result, a cheque for a whopping...

Today is a special day

You should watch out for bikers any day but today, watch out for Blood Bikers.  They could be sitting next to your desk at work, behind you in the queue for the ticket machines or supermarket tills, lying on the same beach enjoying a rare bit of their own free time....

How many?

So we have been trying to catch up with our stats for over 2 years, as we are all unpaid volunteers this has been a challenge. A big thanks needs to go to the special efforts by Mike G, Lesley P, and volunteers from GAVO. Thanks to your efforts we now have a more...

An Email to Blood Bikes Wales

This is an email we had off one of the hospitals we now service, and it was in response to an extraordinary job we completed. Dear team, I would like to say a big thank you for your continuing help with providing a unique and crucial service to the NHS Wales...

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