A night shift

by | Oct 15, 2022 | Blog

An interesting shift for a quiet Friday night.

When our duty controller, Nigel, came on shift, our rider, Vicky K, was already in transit with a run of urgent meds to Llangrannog.
Paul K (rider) meanwhile was lined up to help a hospice with a late admission by taking samples to pathology at Ysbyty Gwynedd.
John P (also a rider) got busy with the first of his 3 collections from Ystrad Mynach to The Grange, the last being at 0100hrs.
Rider Steve H had just finished a cuppa when he was directed to Swansea to collect 2 lots of urgent samples, one for the Princess of Wales and another for the University Hospital of Wales.
By the time he got there, he had a 3rd to take to Prince Phillip Hospital, in the opposite direction of course.
No problem, Martin E met him at PoW where Steve dropped off his 1st lot. Martin carried the 2nd into UHW whilst Steve did a quick about turn and headed west to Llanelli.
Seeing all the jobs completed and the riders home, plus another call at 0228hrs, was not a bad shift at all.
If you have trouble sleeping, get in touch.
If you want to have trouble sleeping, also get in touch. 😆
At least today is not a work day. But just think of the people we helped last night. That will guarantee a peaceful sleep, ‘the sleep of the righteous’ as my Granny used to say.