693 jobs in May!

by | Jun 1, 2020 | News

April was a record-breaking month for the charity as we completed 514 jobs for our NHS. May has surpassed even that impressive total. 693 jobs!!!

Every single job was free of charge to our NHS.  Every single job was made possible by a team comprised entirely of volunteers.

Every single job meant that our NHS was helping someone who really needed it.  That too is in our thoughts.

That is a phenomenal total and a testament to all of the hard work that our volunteers and supporters have put in.  Some of that effort being months ago and only now culminating in the last few weeks of concentrated effort when our NHS needed Blood Bikes the most. Well done to all of you!

As the NHS starts to scale back some of its operations (no pun intended) so we will review the contribution we are making and adjust our services accordingly. Our NHS will inform decisions on when and where our resources are best used.

But we may need to do this again and our NHS may still need us to help on this scale in addition to our business as usual services.  With the evidence of the dedication of our volunteers and supporters over the last few months, I’m confident that this charity will be ready.

Thank you for your support.

Nigel Ward